The World Bank has partnered with four countries which are; Estonia, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands to create new global fund for cybersecurity.

Information of the partnership was contained in a statement titled ‘World Bank and partners announce new global fund for cybersecurity’ made available on Monday on the bank’s website.

It read, “Embracing technological transformation has increased cyber risks and threats to digital infrastructure, services, and data, which rely on increasingly connected systems.

“As digital transformation becomes essential to the functioning of states, economies, and societies, cybersecurity solutions must keep up. A partnership approach can help build trust, improve awareness, and deliver the technical solutions that countries require.”

The statement further stated that, “The work programme will support the development of global knowledge on cybersecurity solutions for low and middle-income countries.

“It will fund country maturity assessments, offer technical assistance, and support training and capacity development for cybersecurity staff in World Bank client countries.”

Director of the World Bank’s Digital Development Global Practice, Boutheina Guermazi said, “COVID-19 has highlighted the vital role digital technologies and applications play in a resilient development agenda.

“It keeps people, businesses, and public services connected. As governments are rapidly scaling up their investments into digital technologies, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern to ensure a safe and secure digital transformation for all.

“Fostering safe digital inclusion is of paramount importance for the World Bank’s work in helping countries reduce poverty, tackle inequality, and accelerate economic growth.”


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