Amazon’s TV and film has made plans to move production of Lord of the Rings series to the UK from New Zealand.

The Tech giant said the move is part of its expansion plans for its production space as well as steps to create it marks in the UK hence, it is moving the multi-million dollar project.

Vice president and co-head of TV at Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders in a statement announced the move, thanking “the people and the government of New Zealand for their hospitality and dedication and for providing The Lord of the Rings series with an incredible place to begin this epic journey.”

Amazon Studios spent $465m (£336.5m) on the first season of the show and four more seasons are expected to be made, that would make it one of the most expensive series in television history.

The company revealed work on season one of the shows would be completed before production moves to The UK.

New Zealand’s economic development minister, Stuart Nash however, expressed his disappointment at the decision.

Nash said, “I am enormously proud of the New Zealand screen sector. The Amazon Studios’ decision in no way reflects the capabilities of our local film industry or the talents of the people who work in it.”


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