Chinese technology giant, Alibaba has revealed that it is set to fire one of its manager accused of rape.

Chief executive Daniel Zhang sent a letter to employees of the firm stating that two other management staff members who failed to act on the allegation have also resigned.

The letter revealed the manager accused of rape will be fired, “He will be fired and never be rehired. Whether he has committed rape or indecency that violates the law will be determined by law enforcement.”

The tech giant is reportedly working with the police following accusations by a female worker, who said her male boss raped her in a hotel room while she was unconscious after a “drunken night”.

The allegations have been widely shared on Chinese social media.

Chief executive Zhang has stated that the manager accused of the crime has admitted that “there were intimate acts” while the woman was intoxicated.

Police have revealed on Sunday that they are investigating the allegations.

Meanwhile, Alibaba states that it would take responsibility for the woman’s wellbeing, saying: “We will do everything we can to take care of her.”


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