OctaFX has launched a marketing campaign called Dual Life.

The campaign is aimed at simplifying forex trading a well as helping Nigerians create wealth.

The International Forex broker made this known in a statement on Monday.

They said the marketing campaign would celebrate the super powers of Nigerians who committed their time and efforts to two or more jobs.

The Marketing Manager of EMEA, OctaFX, Ali Nwadike said, “We wanted to position forex trading as that activity young Nigerians and everyone else, can engage in, even while focusing on their careers.

“From findings, most young Nigerians today work two or more jobs to pay the bills and attain financial freedom. But, we don’t get to talk about this often or appreciate the efforts, hence the #DualLifewithOctaFX campaign.

“While some see their jobs as a burden, we want people to see it as an achievement; and promote the school of thought that says one, two, many jobs is not bad especially when you are trying to create wealth.”


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