A German firm, Vaay has ranked Lagos state as the second most stressful city in the world for the year 2021.

The Vaay’s ranking came after it carried out a study based on an index of 100 major global cities comprising over 15 factors, each ranked on a scale from most to least stressful.

The study said, “To begin the study, we considered which macro factors contribute to stress, narrowing them down to four broad categories.

“The first category looks at governmental factors that dictate levels of inclusion in a city such as safety and security, gender and minority equality, and socio-political stability.

“Following this, we considered the effect of the physical environment around us since it has been proven that high living density contributes to anxiety and stress.

“We did so by assessing population density as well as pollution levels, weather patterns and the amount of traffic congestion in each city.

“To evaluate the impact of financial stress, we looked at unemployment rates, social security structures and the amount of disposable income a household has after tax and accommodation costs, adjusted for purchasing power parity, amongst other factors.

“Finally, we considered health and wellbeing, specifically looking at mental health and access to healthcare as influences on stress levels.”


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