Moses Siasia

Without any doubt, the forthcoming Bayelsa West Senate bye-election will be the most epochal event in the political history of Bayelsa State. It is so because this very election is laden with very tempestuous and defining moments of great expectations that will expectedly end in joy for those interested in the progress and growth of Bayelsa. These expectations are built on far-reaching historical events and far deep concerns for the future of Bayelsa State and indeed for a senatorial district that is in a genuine need of dependable and people-focused leadership.

For several years the politics of Bayelsa state, especially as regards that of electing members for the senate and house of representatives, has often been one in which decisions are based largely on seeming ‘big personalities’, pretenses of access to material resources and bravado, but less about the true meaning of service, competence, and character. The forthcoming senate bye-election is a rare chance to rewrite history by choosing a senator with a broader consensus and a shared vision to deliver the best legislative task that will promote the ideals of development and progress.

Bayelsa needs a voice that is credible, inherently broad-minded and driven by the most important issues as it concerns the progress of not just Bayelsa West Senatorial district, but someone with the broad vision that can provide an impetus capable of engendering development across the Niger Delta and the entire South-South Region. There are fundamentally three key factors that will help deliver progress for Bayelsa state and these are focused on passion, purpose, and people-center policy and legislative agenda.

It is no news that on the race for the PDP Senate ticket in the bye-election for Bayelsa South West district is the immediate past governor, Seriake Dickson. Seriake was Governor of Bayelsa State from 14 February 2012 to 14 February 2020. Before becoming governor, he was a member of the House of Representatives from 2007 until 2012 and before then, he was Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General between 2006 and 2007 in Bayelsa State.

Throughout these years that he has held these positions, former governor Dickson has become a part of the political establishment with little or nothing else to push for or aspires to with regards to people-oriented and development focused leadership. It must be said that Seriake Dickson has given all that he has and has nothing more to offer except to support and guide the new crop of emerging leaders in a new vision for progress into the next 20 and 50 years.

Seeing the new and challenging happenings around the world, with the development and advancement in technology; the digital revolution which is impacting the emerging new global economy, and growth in artificial intelligence and robotics, it is time to think about a new kind of leadership, a taste of a new culture of politics and a taste of entirely new things, something fresh and inspiring, a taste of things to come.

Despite its vast resources in oil and gas assets and human and material wealth, the people of Bayelsa still wallow in pervasive poverty and it is the same across the Niger Delta region. It is a new age and a time to break the cycle of doom and poverty in Bayelsa state, and time for someone who has a global vision and is driven by an outlook of collective prosperity and progress.

While it is right to admit that Bayelsa South West Senatorial district boost of many credible and component people, Moses Siasia, a former aspirant for the office of governor of Bayelsa state and who vied for the position at the aged of 35 and had a most remarkable campaign, tops the list to become the senator representing Bayelsa West. His name stands exceptional for reasons that are obvious and consistent.

As a founder member and Chairman of the Nigeria Young Professionals Forum, Moses Siasia has championed the course of young professionals in Nigeria and across Africa and has made representations at all the leading global institutions including the United Nations and the European Union. It will be recalled that at age 32, Moses Siasia was listed among the recipients of African Economic Leaders of Tomorrow by the Choiseul Institute for International Politics and Geo-economics in its 2014 ranking. 

Siasia, who is the Chairman of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), was ranked amongst the top 200 young economic leaders of Africa with a complete list which includes successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and drivers of innovative projects on the African continent.  Siasia provides a new paradigm and a shift from the dying tradition of lackluster representation.

Bayelsa state needs a strong, charismatic, and competent representative. Siasia embodies the true virtues of quality leadership through passion shown in his long years of advocacy for better people-oriented governance in the Niger-Delta, purposeful debates on the welfare of young Nigerians that has seen him present papers and lead talks at very highly regarded global forums as well as pursuing people-center policy and legislative agenda leveraging his well-grounded knowledge of the problems and challenges of development facing the senatorial district and the larger Bayelsa, Niger –Delta and South-South Region.

The election of Moses Siasia will signal hope for the vast majority of Bayelsa Citizens and open the doors for more broad-based public discourse on the ways to develop strong and effective legislative instruments for development and policy formulation. The other aspirant, the former governor has now a chance to show leadership by supporting a son of Sagbama like himself to bring about a new phase of growth in Bayelsa state and indeed Nigeria.


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