moses siasia

The Nigeria Young Professionals Forum, NYPF, has called for an end to the move to set up a local content enforcement board saying that such a move is a duplicate of effort and would amount to waste of scarce state resources.

Chairman of the NYPF Moses Siasa noted that the existing local content law should be expanded and strengthened to accommodate the board without having to go through the process and hurdle of proposing another bill wich will go through the full legislative process to become another law.

The Local content policy is put in place by the government to ensure that firms and companies operating in Nigeria use domestically-manufactured goods and domestically-supplied services to operate.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, the NYPF noted that instead of wasting time on debating a new bill that will not yield any result but at best will lead to duplication of roles, the group said that the existing law should be expanded so that the existing local content law can accommodate the newly proposed board.

It noted that “it is needless to say, the attempt to push another bill for the establishment of the Local Contact Board is another unnecessary venture and a waste of government time and resources”.

The Nigerian Oil and Gas Development Law 2010 defines local content as “the quantum of composite value added to or created in Nigeria through the utilization of Nigerian resources and services in the petroleum industry.

It will be recalled that on April 22, 2010, Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s Acting President at the time signed into law the Local Content Bill 2010 [the Act], a piece of legislation designed to increase participation of Nigerian ventures and workforce in the oil sector.


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